Swara  Bhaskar
Actor, Bollywood

Swara, a strong voice 
“I was in Aarah to meet Munni, an orchestra singer. As we were about to leave to watch her group’s show, Munni started calling someone frantically. She was searching for two girls who had not returned after their performance in a nearby village two days ago. Their phones were unreachable but......
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Meenakshi Gupta
Co-founder, Goonj

Spreading light and love
Meenakshi Gupta is one of those for whom it is Diwali every time a person gets a fair chance to live with respect. When she co-founded Goonj, little did she know that the light within her would guide generations to come. A role model to many, Meenakshi believes that had she not chosen this path, she would have missed meeting and knowing the amazing people who she comes across every day. 

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Shobha Shami
Journalist and Biker

Tracking changing conversations
I love to mingle. I can cover miles and go over mountains for a good conversation. I interacted with an artist and we both decided to meet over Sutta-Chai. Kafka, Marquez Hemingway and Gandhi floated freely in the atmosphere. We clicked ...


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