vatsala shrivastava
I use storytelling for impact assessment of innovations and initiatives, creating and managing communities, and customised communication training for organisations.
* Personalised communication and storytelling training for leadership
ex: Trained major real estate CEO for engagement with Harvard University
* Customised communication/storytelling training for low/ high diversity teams
ex: Trained a 6-nationality communication team of Swiss Embassy
* Speaking engagement / storytelling training during conferences 
ex: Chief guest speaker and trainer at Audi's CXO conference 

Communication Strategy and execution for organisations
ex: Consulted over 40 startups of an incubator over their journeys
* Establish end-to-end content generation operations for organisations
ex: handheld communications for M-caffeine, a lifestyle product VC-funded startup
* Publications to mark landmarks for for corporations 
ex: Coffee-table book to celebrate 20 years of Volvo in India
* Coffee-table / book formats for family businesses
ex: Biographical coffee-table book for founder of Neeru's, a pan-India retail brand
* Qualitative impact assessment using storytelling
ex: Bindi-Bottoms, a Future Group Initiative to engage and asses women customers
* Open to brainstorm innovative storytelling / communication projects
More about me
Assistant News Editor, The Asian Age / Deccan Chronicle 2005-12
Co-founder, Represent, a platform dedicated to collection of stories from under-represented communities of the state of Bihar in India, collaboration with U C Berkeley
Wrote a weekly column "The Green Room", celebrating the unsung performing artists
Co-President, Berkeley Spouses and Partners Association, the first on-campus, U C Berkeley funded organisation to promote and document immigrants' lives